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The letter was written on a red lined stationary. The red chinese characters on top of the stationary translated as Mr. Zhong Shan memorial stationary. The photo at the top right corner is Mr. Zhong Shan(Dr. Sun Yat San). The Chinese characters on the right are translated as following: The revolution has not yet been completed, comrades still need to work hard.This was written by Sun Wen(other name for Dr. Sun Yat San). This letter was written by Huang Shi to her father -in law. She did not write the name of the father -in law. Following is the translation of the letter: Father -in law: your daughter-in law respectfully report to you below your seat(kneel down in front of the father-in law. It has ben more than a year since I married to your family. I was not able to see you, but often think about you. I hope everything is fine with your excellency. Yesterday, your honored wife returned home, she gave me one of the gold piece you have asked her to bring to us. I am so excited. Everyone from great grandmother down is fine., please don't worry. Your excellency is away from home, I hope you eat well. I'm not able to write all the rest of the words, I want to say : Hope you golden peace. signed: Your humble daughter-in law Huang shi made the humble report on Oct. 4th , the 17th year of the Republic of China(1928)
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