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Letter to Huang Shuo Zhang (Wong Sek Cheung) from his brother in Stockton, California (address as printed on the envelop: "Chang Wah Co., Inc., INPORTED DRESS GOODS, ORIENTAL & DOMESTIC MERCHANDISE, 133 S. EL DORADO ST., STOCKTON, CALF., PHONE 2610") on December 27th, 1927. Letter discusses business and personal issues. Letter is written in Chinese. To Shuo Zhang my elder brother, as if we meet in person, I have already received the letter from you. Please let Fu Hun get familiar with the business and get necessary experiences. Then there can be a discussion on salary increase. I have been here for over ten years and make a thousand Yuan per month. When he is here for over three months, it will become necessary to increase his salary. He is only qualified when he get the business in the store and stuff. The store's yearly cash flow is no more than 70 thousand, enough for self-use. Sales at storefront are scarce. I have been overtiring myself. Since I had this disease last time, I have not been able to recover yet. I was forced to hire new hand to handle the business, as I have discussed with brother Fu Dong. Just because I am in shortage of hands, I asked brother Xiang Zhang. I have in earlier year asked, but got no response. What I see daily here is just some trivial profit. He does not know very well about business, plus I cannot handle the whole situation single-handedly. December 27, Year 16 of China Republic From Huan Zhang (Seal in red ink: Chang Wah (Zhen Hua ) Co., Inc Stockton City)
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