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Letter not sent through US Post Office, sent to Wong Kat Yan (Huang Ji Ren). Written in Chinese Brother Kat Yuan, It is been several weeks since our last meeting. I am here thinking that you are healthy and that everything goes well with you, then I feel relieved inside. Recently what is going on with the store, I think that brother Bing Kung should be able to tell you in details. So I am not getting into it in this letter. Within the property line of the address Lian Yi Co., the city Public Business Bureau plans to dig a tunnel. If this happens, then definitely the value of this property will be reduced in the future. I have decided to meet with an attorney to sue the city Public Business Bureau for monetary compensation. But I have not get the authorization from the land owner Huang Qi Zhen, so I can not do it for him. Plus I still need to discuss more with the city attorney before I can decide which way to proceed. If something gets worked out, I will probably leave town later, so we can have a discussion together. What is your opinion on this matter? Please respond to my letter. May you have good health, and my greetings to Suo Zhang and your wife and family. On 27th, Your brother, Guang Chu
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