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Letter Wong Sek Cheung (Hunag Shou Zhang) from his nephew Wah Fat (Hua Fa) in Canton, China, Feb 12, 1926. Letter is regarding possible immigration to the US by a family member and the goings-on of many other family members. Written in Chinese. To my most respectable Uncle Sek Cheung, Earlier, uncle Yau Cheung has told me that he would like to take me to America to make a living but he did not find the chance yet. Therefore, he has asked you my uncle to find a visa and hand it to me so that I can come to America. Now, I have heard that Uncle Kwong Man has two birth certificates that suit cousin Kwok Ching and Kwok Ming's ages. Since Kwok Ming had already used Lai Bun's visa to get into America, Uncle Kwong Man's papers can then be used by both Kwok Ching and me to enter America to make a living. I beg that you my uncle can discuss this matter as soon as possible with Unlce Kwong Man and let this passport so that I, your humble nephew, can enter America and make a living in the future. All this will be a blessing from you, my dear uncle, to me. If uncle Kwong Man is willing to let me has this visa, I beg that you my Uncle please make sure to ask for his testimony. If there are things not clear, please confirm with him so we won't get into trouble at the time. Uncle, please pay attention to this issue (PLEASE) and I will let you know any other matters. Best wishes to you, And please share this letter for the view of Uncle Fu Zhuang. , Nephew, Wah Fat Feb 12, Year 15 of China Republic
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