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Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London Co. 664 King St. A letter from the recipient's son, talking about some family money issues. Father, I have sent you several letters to ask you to mail home some money. However, we still have not yet received anything, I'm wondering if you got my letters. Nowadays, everything is expensive, I beg Father send home some money. I didn't know that aunt is leaving for America, she did not come to our house to tell us a word, now Mother is really upset about it, and I cannot bear this. If any unfortuness happened to her, and you decided to help her, that would bring our family unfortuness and disgrace; if Father would not trust her, then son would not be victimized. There is a man from PingYueng who got birth certificates which suit the age of Mother and brother. Mother also wants to go there, but she is not sure how is your business going. You mentioned that you can counterfeit the paper for me, but haven't heard back from you. I thus beg you once again. And please send home some money so that I can handle expenses of the family. Wish you health, Your son Kwok Ching
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