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Both letters are for Wong Sik Cheung, written on May the 5th (year unknown), and probably all written by the same person based on the handwriting. One letter is from Sik Cheung's two grandsons. The other is from his nephew. Dear Grandfather, We have received your letter and the 200 Yuan that you sent us. The money has distributed to everyone in the family. The boat to America, which was supposed to leave in late April, has delayed and it will not be set off until May 5th. The lawyer said it would be impossible to send Grandmother to the U.S.. Grandmother is traditional and she decided not to go to America, so you do not have to worry about that. Grandmother wants to remind you that please pay back the money that you owned other people some time ago. Now, apart from the family expenses, the other debts are gradually paid back. Grandmother always worries a lot, and she has been upset as well. We talked to her, and she is now more open-minded and showing smiles. Grandfather should return home to visit in a few years, so that Grandmother would not worry too much, or it might have bad influence on her health. Best wishes, Grandsons Kwok Chin, Kowk Ming and Kwok Syun _______________________________ Dear Uncle, Based on the time and the pressure, please do forgive the inappropriate words occured. You helped us paid back the debts and educated us to be away from opium, I thus feel ashamed on myself. This thing is a bane for the country and people, it should be banned. My friend has said that opium wasted money and youth, and it made our people lose their will. I determine to stop doing it. I am grateful to receive 10 Yuan family expense from you. My heartless father only gives us 10 or 20 Yuan per year, it makes me sad everytime when I talk about him. However, you treat me like your son, send me tens of Yuans every year, replied every letter. I am not complaining about my father, but my mother has felt ashamed to face other people. That man is even doing all the stealingand harassing. He came home and stole hundreds of Yuans to gamble. If he bothers you in the future, please do not pay any attention. Now everyone in the family is healthy, no need to worry about us in the far away land. Nephew, Git Ping
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