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Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London Co. 664 Weller St., Seattle, WA From: Mow Wo Hing Kee No. 68 Jervois st. P.O. Box 1469, Hong Kong, China Sik Cheung Grandfather-in-law, Since we waved you goodbye in America, it has been half year. When I was traveling abroad, I was happy that everything was well there. I have been working on the application since I returned home, not it is finished, I think that the day for me to go to the States will not be far. However, I learned that America is now strict towards Chinese immigrants, I don't know if it's true. I know that you know many people there, please use your contacts to inquire the customs situation for me. Sorry to bother you, I really appreciate your help. We have not seen for half year and I am long to see again.When in abroad, I am very delighted that everything is well.As I went back home, everything has down well.The date back to U.S.A maybe not long.I heard that American laws about the immigration has changed, please tell me information about this, include the tax and other things.These things bother you.Thank you very much. Your grandson-in-law, Wu Yu-Bat (Hu Rubi)
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