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Letter In Chinese To: W. J. London, 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: Wong Wing, 91 Posr Exchange, Kelly Field No.2, San Antonio, Texas letter 1 "Jiren uncle, greeting! It has many monthes since we met last time.Hope your everything well. Now I have owed your money not pay back in time.Just I have many debts, please give me some time that I could pay back the money.In your letter that the things about the watchtower.It is really hard to me.If you have other thing, please write to me. nephew Fubang letter 2 "Shuozhang, greeting! I received your letter yesterday.I will do as your letter says, send 50 yuan with letter as my donation.Now my restaurant's business not well, just a little benefit and less money.Maybe not take over such work.Now just myself in our town of the people in Seattle.So if the money not enough, please let other uncles and brothers to get more. nephew Fubang
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