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Letter In Chinese To: W. J. London, 664 King St., Seattle, WA From: Wong Wing, 91 Posr Exchange, Kelly Field No.2, San Antonio, Texas letter 1 "Jiren brother, greeting! From April 16th, we say a goodbye and I arrived safety in Shanghai at May 3th, then from Shanghai to Guangzhou by ship at May 14th.I remembered you give me help and Mr. Li let me take the goods and money have all send to people as ordered.Now the city very peace, the news as usual.If has other thing.Please write to me. brother Dizong letter 2 "Adoptive father, greeting! I have not seen you for a long time and very longing for you.Now I in home not have a fit job and heard that the date of the ship.You in foreign did the business, I in home may not have chance to make a business.My father did not ask about my study and not have a skill how to work.You in foreigh must know this thing.So I asked you for a help.If you could give me some money and my father could pay back.This is my luck.When you received the letter, please re-write soon. Shiji
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