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Letter In Chinese To: W.J. London , 624 King St., Seattle, WA Contains 4 letters. One of them was from recipient's brother, the other three from a grandson asking for money, watch and pens. letter 1 "Shuozhang brother, Yesterday I received your letter that Qizhang would take Qishu to the U.S.A.Just I have not seen Qizhang at city and wrote to him.He replied that as his high age, so tell son could not take Qishu to U.S.A and tell to find another man do this thing.Mother said to Jiren there are therr che back.I want to know who could take over these money.Could put these money to Fa Xishu.If could, I am very thankful.Please rewrite soon. Renwen letter 2 (include 3 pages) "Grandfather,greeting! I received your lettes yesterday.One is from Guang Xiang Wenli Gong, the other from Guan Hua Qizhi uncle.The letter from Wenli Gong include one chech with 100 yuan.The letter from Qizhi uncle is about ask your letter and last year frome Guanhua post the letter when received.I also forgot the date and grandfather asked which time.As I got out province, you send two times money.One is 100 yuan from Qizhi, the other frome Wenli.If has the third time, he could not write the letter to ask.Your words I would all follow.Your letter asked my wife and I go to school with letter.I discussed with mother and grandmother about this thing.They were all agreeded.If you received letter please send money soon to afford the fees of school. grandson Guozhen
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