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Letter in Chinese to:Huang Jiren from:Huang Qiju "Xiangzhang, Youzhang, Yuanzhang, Qiuzhang, every uncle greeting! Now every family are all well, please do not worry.Hope you healthy well, busniess better, everything goes well.I lived in home do not have some good news to you.Not only has the methods to afford the food, but also has the poor land.So I want to learn some techniques to get a little money, but less money.I want to get some money go abord, hard to succeed.As thought about the poor family, nealy I do not want to eat and sleep.What' more, family is not has gardon, old parents indoor, every step very difficult.So I will try my best, hope every relatives give me a help that I could change my condition.I knew our town's aim to the public benefit, please every one give me a help. Every one in town will thank for you a lot.Now I want to do some business, maybe go abroad.It must need you help and not doubt that you will help me.And my family, every one nearly all has some money except me.As my poor condition, I have to ask for help to you.I think U.S.A and Canda are hard to me, just another route, need 600~700 yuan.Although my brothers give me some money, not enough.So hope every uncle could help me.And I could get off right now, get a better living.If this route not succeed, I use these money do some business with friends, to get a living place.I am very sad in this condition.Hope you could borrow money to me, every one give me 100 yuan and it's enough to me.If you make a promise, I am very thankful.As the Yu Long business, not the business bad, just as the debt so much, so can not delayed.If we get some money, release some debt, may also have some benefits.Now this company's business had stopped.In my views, it is hard to find this good position in our town.I still hope every one discuss with Yuanfa about this thing.Pay 1000 yuan and then re-build the business.Our men used the market, it is also easy to letter with you in foreign.Grandson lived at here, avoid part of each other.This maybe a good option.If you really want to do, I could manage this store.Please tell me your thought, re-write soon, include the money.At last, give a great respect to every uncle. Qiju
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