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Envelope and letter A:Envelope with U.S. postage stamp,To:W.g. London Co. 415 Seanth Ave St Seattle.Wash.,Cancelled:March,7,1923. B:Letter to Huang Jilun from Huang Jiling "Great Bother,Greeting's! We have not seen each other for 10 years, what a pity!Yesterday I received Yuanfa's letter that he will arrive in wharf by ship.Now he safely and live in Wu Lun 7 Eve Xie Long waiting for get the money.And then he get into city to have a rest .Now Shelun uncle at Gen Hua Company get the money from business back to China.As the tax collector has checked nearly one week,now the money just received and broad on the ship.You could know some information, please ask Jiren that said Jiping could get the money,really?This money Jiren make a desive,avoid lost the chance.Please let me know as soon as possible.Now everyone is well and hope you have a good healthy. Jiling
Envelope and letter
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