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Letter A: envelop To: Huang Jilun B: Letter from Qi to Jilun Dear Ji Lun, Ji Fang, Ji Yan & Rong Yan, I received your letter yesterday, and I know your condition now. Now, our hometown's landscape are still the same like the time you are here. Our village's chief is Zhang Ju, and the director didn't been voted yet. The director is still the same as before. In November 20th, at Sha Ling Village, There are a woman and her husband killed a house servant.They did it because of the money. The decedent was Ye Shizhen's wife, and her sun named Yakan. Now, the woman and her husband were catched. They will be sent to my city. We don't know how's the case being deal with. Once I know, I will tell you. I don't have job just stay at home, I even can't make a living, but don't worry about me. I will be jump for joy if you have any opportunities in your place. And I suppose that I am the most poor member in our family. I dare not forget the Words Charm you gave me. Everyone in our family are peaceful and happy, don't worry about us. Wishing you success and happness. December 15th
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