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3 letters, 2 envelops Letter A A: Envelop: To: Huang Shuozhang Seattle From: Xi Chun Kang Wen B: Letter Shouzhang and other brothers, Greetings! I received a letter with one qian in it, yesterday, This one Qian valued one handred Yuan. I received all this money. I will buy you the things as you asked when I come back Hong Kong. I didn't go to Hong Kong due to the strick of the shops and the traffic jam. I still stay in home now. All things go well in home. Don't worry about us. Best Wishes! Kangwen Letter B B: Letter letter to Huang Shuozhang Dear father-in- law, Greetings! I received your letter yesterday, and I knew all the news of you. My restaurant lost four or five hundred Yuan due to a misfortune thing. None of my business survived. It was a great lost for me. May everyone peaceful! Don't worry about us. Best Wishes!
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