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Letter "Greating father!, I hope your healthy well and wish the whole family well.Don't worry about me. I hope you give me money as soon as possible to but the thing include quilt,coute and other things.You could give them and money to me together.The received address is Cheng Yang West Street Guang Xianghao. "Greating father!" Brother has graduated from the school.Yesterday he went to exam of middle school.I told him lived in uncle Li.Now the money not enough,brouther borrow 100 yuan from others to the fees as out of the province.But this not enough,also need money nearly 100 yuan to afford the things which used to buy something needed.Greating pay the money soon,brother's moral conduct very well in country,just so young in foreign.You instructed him a lot after back from USA,he would not do the wrong.Now the money of home nealy used up,you must focus on it.Brother less quilt,coute and so on .
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