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Envelope and letter Envelope: A:W.g. London Co.,664 King St.Seattle Washington U.S.A B:letter to Huang Jiren "Jiren brother, Guo Zhen and I went out of province to exam the Pei Ying School in the middle of July.But Guo Zhen's English not very well,it's hard to him studying in this chool.Now Guo Zhen is studying English in province.Aunt told me that Guo Zhen not young,she want to let his get married.You pay the money to this thing.What do you think about this thing?Please write to me.Now the home financial is hard.After Feng Chao,Hong Kong's traffic not well.So we have no other money to use.Please borrow 1000 yuan to use.Ths main thing is these.I hope you can help us ,not refused.The address is Bai Sha xin wei he zhen bao hao.The family are all well,please don't worry about them.You must careful your body in outside and hope your business become better and better.
Envelope and letter
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