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Letter A: Envelop: To W. J. London Co 664 King ST, Seattle. Wash, U. S. A. Huang Shuozhang B: Letter: Dear grandfather, Greetings! We have separated for more than ten years. I feel regreting that I can't often care about you because you are living in US and turly far from here. I hope you can live a happy life. I have graduated from school for a year and I can't find a job. Thus, I still stay at home. If you know any opportunity in American, I really hope you can give me a help. When I succeed I would not forget you. My father didn't plan for futher, only serving others. He didn't ever think about himself. Since I graduated from Tian Ran School, it has been one year. We didn't write each other so much. I sent him letters many times, but I don't know if he received or not, I didn't receive his letters either. And where I am staying now is really simple and crude, and it even has leakage the rain. Even though I still didn't hear from my faher. I beg you to go to my father place and tell him the situation about us. And my mother is ill now in home, she sent letter to father, didn't hear from him either. I beg you hand this letter to my father. Best Wishes! Grandson Shi Ji 7/11/1925
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