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Letter A:Envelop: To: W. J. London 664 King St. Seattle Wash. Huang Shuozhang B: Letter Brother Shuozhang, Greetings! I received your letter and know everything. I did what you told me to do, I passed your messages to others as you told me. Now, our ticket factory still can not recover. There is a black sheep who want to get profits by unreasonable means and cheat the Western people. Finally, his licecse was withdraw. I received a letter from Yan Sheng, He said the traffic was stuck due to the war fair. All the students who live in our town can not go out to the Sheng Cheng to study. Moreover, school closed in April, so the time for students to study are not enough. During the time of war, studying is not so important. I want to let me son come to America. But the officer said the boy is 19 years old who is not qualified.
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