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Letter A: Envelop To: Mr. Huang Shuozhang From: Hong Kong Defu Daozhong Putai Hehu Zunhuang (Po Tai Wo.) 289. Desvoeus B.D.C. Hong Kong, China. B: Letter Brother Shuozhang, I received your letter yesterday. You mentioned that this case was approved, but now, this case still need to be checked, we don't know the result yet. We knew all the conditions from your letter. This case's result depends on brother's help. We hope you can do more for us don't worry about the money. Do your best until he can you to American. If you have any other thing later, you can write to me. As for my sister's fiance ZhaoQi, I heard that he was in Seattle and live in your place. ZhaoQi has been American for 20 years, now he is 26 years old and he is already growed up as an adult man. Please suggest him no matter how much money he earned, he must go back home and get marrid. As well visiting his family and comfort his family's missing heart. Thank you! Po Tai Wo. 2/17/1925
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