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Envelope and letter A: Envelope to w.g. London Co. 664 King St. Seattle, Wash. B:Letter to Huang Jilun "Third brother, I have received some letters and known everything.Now pay 20 yuan and please give change 3 yuan to this bill.From I arrived here to now, I have seen the situation not very well.In this time, only one day has more than 200 yuan, other days every day all received more than one 100 yuan.The receipt written more than 100 yuan everyday.If not have chance open again, I hope to talk with brother come here temporary and wait for next month, the condition must change a lot.You said after consult could come here, this not better than waiting for him back.I saw him as this reason go away one year.This just he was suffer working now and add the business.These occupied half of his profit for many monthes.Now should write receipt send him 30 yuan everyday to pay back the fee of recent house.I want to get back that house and recent that to other body to get accommodation.You could talk with great brother and tell me in writter.Guang Yuan Long, Huang Ji now write receipt himself.Zhuhun at other place write receipt. Now Huangji go other place to open company lack people.So he stop Pengdu right now and wait for next month.I want to this time get back the Guang Long open together.Now heard Shanghai company every play has more than10 yuan.There are many people in this plack, so guests all said the company of Shanghai and Seattle are the same, other company's business talke in telephone at the night 12 o'clock, the fee about 1920 yuan. Jixian
Envelope and letter
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