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Letter - Archives

Envelope and letter A:Envelope to w.g. London Co. 664 King St. Seattle. wash. U.S.A. B:Letter to Huang Shuozhang "Shuozhang brother I have received your letter.I'm so thankful for your look after.My nephew come to U.S.A, if have chance, he could meet you and let him tell me the condition. I hope he could stay for a little long time.As Ma Yuanzhao said he want to know something about Mr. Ma Deng.I just know Ma has send letter to Ma Deng see about everything.If my nephew could arrive, and he will talk with you about the letter.If not, please send letter to ship and give him.Let him know the things impede Ma.He was not sure come, if he could come here, please tell me word to him, avoid some trouble.I lived in Yun quay and if go to Yu quay need to by ship.I'm afraid I can't arrive there on time. little brother
Envelope and letter
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