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Envelope and letter A:Envelope to w.g. London No King Street. Seattle Wash. B:Letter to Huang Shuozhang letter 1 "Uncle, greetings! Last year I rent a house(Bai sha yu long), wanted to open a variety shop just as the stockholder not unite so failed.Now I prepare open a rice shop, this could get a high profit, just less money.Please uncle raise funds, and organize some one manage this store together, could get some benefits. Uncle Bozhang and I have one heart to help each other.If uncle let this thing succeed, you could make sure stock 1500 yuan and we 800 yuan, get 2000 yuan in all.We could make money with our captial, buy more sell more and buy less sell less.We will balance the condition and manage the store.Also you have business in Seattle, get some information very convenient and fast, offer money and goods, this lead a high profit.And our business's account very clearly, if we close the store, the capital not lose.You open Baosheng Baotai two rice store the business well, just have no time to manage. Uncle instead of Chengzhang must could set a pole in business area, get a better living stage.These are all uncle give, now aunt's family everybody are all well.They just hope uncle safe at foreign.The thing if agreed or not please rewrite to me. Jihuai letter 2 "Shuozhang brother, greating! I lived in town for a long time and want to get a better living.Now everyday so busy that just could pay for the element fees.The business things, I thought Jihuai is a honest and kindly man, which is a man rely on.And the Yulong store is well and the rent not dear, the six years time also fit me.I really want to open a rice shop just less money.Please brother organize money and our manage this store together.Get the benefits, Jihuai and I all the men in town, we will work hard and the rice business very popular now.This business must could get a lot of money and not very hard.If has your help, the business became much more easy.If you agree with me, make sure 1000 yuan stock or more.Jihuai get 300~400 yuan stock, I get 500~600 yuan stock .W could make money with our captial, buy more sell more and buy less sell less.As this compete area, I will study hard about business.When we have more money maybe get a oil store.This time we could connect with brother company.It is so easy to get money, if you could give me a helpe, I'm very thankful.Now our family are all well.You must carful in foreign. Bozhang
Envelope and letter
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