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Letter In Japanese To: Sanzo Murakami from Mother and Younger Brother. "Greetings. It has become very busy. I am glad to know that you all are well. We, too are well including mother. I had intended to respond immediatley but Hirochika (?) who is in the navy, returned to Japan and I thought I should wait to respond after hearing of his experiences in the United States. I would like to thank you for the 20 Yen. Hot water bottle for me and fabric for Chosaku. It was around August 10th when Hirochika returned to Japan and stayed overnight at our home. I was on summer vacation and had a very pleasant time listening about events in the US. When Hirochika landed at Seattle he experienced riding on a (cow) (?) and taking with the (cow's) owner. He spoke of your house, your store and the treats he received. He said it was the most pleasant experience he had ever had. We, too, were very pleased to hear about your actual life there. We were told of the store which was recently built and of your plan to move there. We heard that it was a great store located on a main street. It seems that it is really a great building. I congratulate you. If it were in Japan we would have done a blessing of the building for new construction. I am very proud of you even though I am in Japan but because I am your younger brother. You have built a big building without anyone's help, but by yourself and manage a department store and renting rooms in a plae like Seattle where there are few successful Japanese. I feel proud that there are people like you our brother and sister who publicly demonstrate that Japanese believe in justice and are a capable race. I pray for the successful devlopment of your store. it is our wish for all of your children to be physically strong and grow up to be fine individuals.
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