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Letter In Japanese To: Mrs. M. Murakami To: Matsuyo Happy New Year! I abbreviate the formal letter writing (no seasonal greeting). I'm sorry for not writing to you sooner. I suppose you are healthy. I intended to report the situation here as soon as I returend but I was so busy it took such a long time (to write). Presently, he is better...It doesn't progress as rapidly as I hoped because of his age. He became worse the day before yesterday and I asked for a doctor to come. The ailment is not what the patient thinks according to the doctor. But the patient felt that he will be ok after 2 or 3 days we were worried. In my opinion, it isn't his illness but the cause of our worries it's what he says. (P3 from 2nd line I cannot decipher but talking about their situation). There is no way but to sell everything, I plan to look for a rental after the new year . Of course this is my own thinking alone. But I suspect that my parents are aware of the situation and they are crying whenever they are alone. If I had brought about 10,000, but now there isn't much I can do. My return home showed what an undutiful (+ incapable) son I was to my parents. Please be careful that they may ask you the cost of passage... It is 30th today and I think Japanese "end of the year" rituals are wonderful after the new year, I'll let you know of our father's condition. From, Buntaro Dec 30th Please give my best regards to your husband
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