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Letter In Japanese to: Higo 10c Store, 604 Jackson St, Seattle Wash. To: Uncle, Aunt, All of you Page 1-2: Happy New Years! Please forgive us for not getting in touch with you for a long time. I assume that all of you are well. Please be at ease since we are doing well, also. I'm ver y very lonesome ever since I bid farewell to my father. There is no one as unlucky as I am. I was separated from my biological mother by her death early in my life and abandoned by my father now. There is no way to understand but to accept this fate of loving parents as the predetermined arrangement from the previous life. But there are many hardships. There are lots I like to talk about but I'll bid farewell now. Let's take time and talk next time. In closing I pray all of you good health and happiness from the far away country. In short, I'm asking how you are. Sincerely, Kunio and all of us December 20th in the era of showa 8th year
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