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Letter to: Higo Company, 671-673 Weller St. A letter to Mr. S. Murakami Handwritten in Japanese "Greeting. The rainy season is here and it is nothing but rainy days in Japan. How is your place? I hope there is no change with you. I am concerned and think about everyday from far away the sky beyond the ocean and mountains. Please feel at ease since we (the Matsumura Family) are well including our aging mother. As you perhaps know that the young brother Tsuchizen is completley lost as to what to do with the depts incurred from our late father. All of the possessions including the house and land will be repossesed by December of this year. As a child of our aged widowed mother, I feel terrible remorse. But I have many children of my own. It is all I can manage to provide for them basic everyday needs. My younger brother Tsuchizen also took his wife recently and he has to maintain his pride for the sake of his parents and of course his relatives. I have to stop this downfall by whatever means. There is no one here in Kogai who has not heard of Matsumura family up until now. And now if we pass on our possessions we could not show our face to society. We could not live in the hometown of Kogai. Imagine how much my aging mother worries. It is difficult to see her situation as her child. We brothers got together and talked about nothing but this situation. I am afraid that you who are so far away, may feel hlpless to hear this news. It is not our intention to forcefully bring you into our conversation, but we are at our wit's end and there is no way but to bring you into our conversation. Please help, as a child of our aging mother whose death is not far from this misfortune. If we com eot an agreement today it will raise about Y 7,000. If you would send Y 5000 the remaining Y2000 could be raised if we sell the field. We want to keep the house. If the fiield was kept that would be the most satisfactory but this would be too much of a burden to you. Please consider this and reply as soon as possible. I will be responsible for registering your name in the registry instead of younger brother Tsuchizen if you send the full amount. Please do not worry I will take care of this. The parent too is spared from wondering and able to die without worry. You will do your filial duty to the parent and you will own the property in Japan. Please understand our situation and relieve us from this situation by responding as soon as possible. Also if you would like to see for your self the situation we are in by returning home the parent can see you which would be nice but the time and expense of travel may be too much. Please let us know what you plan to do. Please resond. Please feel at ease that I will take care of everything responsibly if you send the money even if you decide not to return here. I beg you to consider our situation. It is getting warmer as the days go by. Please take good care of yourself. I am looking at the sky of your mother contry and wait for your reply. Good bye. Matsumura Chosaku Kunamoto Shi Taguchi Cho
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