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Letter to: Higo Company, 671-3-5 Weller St. A letter to Mr. S. Murakami Handwritten letter in Japanese Greeting I read your letter dated April 15th Your request to grant the Hail Lotus Sutra if reasonable. However, you have requested permission to have Mr. Hirashima Matataro join the church and you are a part of the Seattle branch. I request that you send all other requests through Mr. Zen. Moreover, I heard that there are questionalble points Mr. Hirashima has as far as his belief is concerned. No character is completly with out faults. It cannot be helped to have some return to Buddhist belief while others are not satisfied with it. One should understand these to be able to lead many people. Mr. Hirashima is very ernest. I advise strongly that you would exert yourself for a harmonius concurance since you are the one who brought him to join us. Presently ___ Church is one of the big churches with the Maruyama Church. When the director Mr. Kayama was young he was dissatisfied with his parents way. he decided that he would separate from his parents church and wanted to have his own church. But the head of the church lectured about ahrmony. He said that the pumpkin vine is slender but it nurished and fruits a large pumpkin. Only because the vine is skinny you should not cut it off. If you cut it off it will die eventually. Mr. Kayama reconsidered and put his faith into his parents. Later he transferred hsi parents as the director when he established the church at his residence. After the death of his parents and he became the second in line for the position he became the director. Maruyama church values the belief in harmony and considers the harmony as the top prority. There are complaints but it should be watered down. The harmony comes when one respects ones parents. To cut the belief vine of Mr. Hirashima is not our director's wish or intention, don't you think? I pray for the broad mind and group harmony. I would like to answer each believer, but I would like you to understand first and convey what has been said to the believers. And please exert your effort to group harmony in Seattle. How glad our founder will be. Everything lays in gods labour and our pursuit to our belief. I sincerely pray for the harmony and belief.
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