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Letter to: Higo Company, 604 Jackson St A letter to Mr. S. Murakami Formal letter in Japanese A: From OogaTamiko Excuse me. Thank you for the delicious sweets. I am getting acustomed to the rotten Japanese (weather) The summer is very hot and the rainy season is so cold that it makes me almost tearful bu tI do exercise through listening to a radio street program to warm up my body at school everyday and I cannot forget America. I am studying cheering up my self! I can see Hyako, Chiyoko, Kazuchi, Masako, etc. Please be well my uncle and aunt.please give my bes to all. B: From Ooga Asahei Greeting, Hope you all are well in this cold season.I wish your whole family's blessing. Our family is safe without change so please feel at ease. The summer's severe heat is difficult to bear and the winter here is supposed to be very cold and it is about 30 degress inside the house and the wind outside is hard and .... it is difficult to work. Seattle is heaven as far as the climate and economy is concerned. It is getting to be a habit to say Japan's recession but agricultural products from one tan one gets average of 4 - 8 bags. I bag - 9 Yen 30 seu. The living in general is progressing therfore there isnt much difference as far as incomes are concerned. Thank you very much for your presents. the children were very glas to receive the merchandise. I like to give my thanks for your kindness. Even though we are separated 4000 Ri we appreciate your consideration. I assume that your place is difficult as far as the economic situation is concerned andis difficult especially in the agricultural areas. The prices of agricultural products went down and as a result the Japanse stores are increaslingly closing down in the city. But on the contrary your storre is doing very well. I pray your store's increasingly continues to prosper. I think that economics in the states will recover byt the lowering of the prices this week. I plan to go to the states in late Marchor early April. I hope for your kind consideration of us. I pray for the best of your health and all your family.I like to see all my friends there and please convey to them my wishes. This is to thank you and to let you know of my plan. C: (Translator had a difficult time reading this letter) Wish to congratulate the new Year. I do not have any excuse for not doing anything you deserve, especially to your wife and I am ashamed. Please forgive me. I am happy to see how busy you are and I am happy for it and feel hard to part. Your kind daughers wrote to us letters and I am thankful for them. Your kindness and sending us the goods without abandoning the worthless beings like us. I want to assure you that I received them. The meals are not always sufficient after returning to the country they rejoiced for the goods. They behaved freely in the states and there are lots to laugh about and to complain about. Each one should thank you instead of only over enjoying the goods. I would like to thank you with my humble writing. We are experiencing the summer suffering forgotten for a long time. All of us are suffering and small ones habitully say " I like the States better than rotten Japan" at every opportunity. However, they are beginning to get accostomed to the Japanese way of life. They are doing well in this terrible cold and attending school every day. There is no heating in the school and I feel sorry for the children born in the States from the point of their parents. I send them to school every morning with comforting words thinking this will build their character. The youngest one is assimu;lating and gradually making friends. As for the elder daughter she suffers after returing to the country. (We thought) it was natural considering she was just beginning to get used to living in the States when she returned to Japan. She was brought back to the place different in custom. We have tried to comfort her and spent time learining what she likes. Even though it was a simpler American life, she does not forget. I do not have any reply and cry inside but hope she will accept Japan and asked a sypathetic person consultation. There are lots of annoying points in everyday life and when I am overwhelmed by the complaining mood I depend on Mr. Maruyama. I immerce myself in the daily household chores and education of the children. As soon as we returned we faced the chronic eye problem with the elder daughter and the money we had disappeared adn I suffered but then thanks to the blessing of the gods she began to recover and the days with laughter came back and here we are welcoming the new year. The president of the US is trying many policies with out the recovery. I read in the newspaper that the fellow Japanese immigrants were facing difficulties and the Japan town's stores are closing one after the other. However you see the goodresults after overcoming your hardship. "Your building" is doing well and busy according to what I hear. I congratulate you. I hear that the US will devaluate ane I assume the economic activities will pick up. Papa will have opportunities to talk about re-visiting the US within the given period. We were everyone's burden. Please instruct us when we get there. We were unfortunate with our old installment premiums durign this recession. Please come to the countryside when you are in Japan. You cared for us for a long time and for that reason I feel much more at ease talking to you than to our relatives here. We, including our children, do not say it but we remember fondly our life in the US. You may think the Japanese economy is limited and Japan is in emergency but the living expenses are less here and going out in this isolated country in a car, getting covered in dust is considered to be in poor judgement. The consumption of money is more that I was led to believe and I am tired of being poor. I am writing to regain soem sense of calm. We do not write oftern but take good care of yoruself and thank you again.
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