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Letter to: Higo Company, 671-3-5 Weller St. Letter to Matsuyo Murakami Letter written in Japanese You may have worried about me for not writing for a long time. I am glad you are well. Please feel at ease since we are well. Everyone was glad since you sent all New Years cards also Buntaro, too, talked about you and I received his letter. We too feel at ease. Also there was a detailed letter from Sanzo. Thank you for giving books, and picture maps, I have enjoyed lookng at them. I made a flag for Kompiru after you left. Please feel at ease since I visit Hon Miyoji every month. There are more things I like to write but I'll do it in my next letter. To Matsuyo. For mother Did you receive the photo of mother and Shigeri ? Please let me know. Please send two photographs of yourselves.
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