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Letter to: Higo Company, 671-3-5 Weller St. Letter to Mr S. Murakami Handwritten letter in Japanese Greeting I have neglected writing. As usual it is very hot here. I suppose that you are well? We felt lonesome when Matsuyo departed and we cried everyday remembering her kind words. If we cannot accept this fact (that she left) we may harm our health and make Matsuyo's filial efforts of visiting us in vain. We are trying to forget about it. The person at the inn informed us that seh sailed at 3:00 PM July 26 on the Hyogawa maru. I am counting the days it is August 7th or 8th today and I am guessing that she returned to the US safely and I am relieved a little. While she was away you alone took care of the household with out help from outside. I suppose that it was difficult for you especially when the eldest became ill. I suppose you are well.? While Matsuyo was here she said that (?) from Mr. Maruyama would be sent but she did not have enough time and I suppose that she forgot. If you requested. please inform Maruyawa to send it with the prayer book. We, too, depend on the God and watch over you until you return from 3 years now. It will be much joy to see the grandchildren with my own eyes and it will be much more joyess ocassion than when Matsuyo returned. In the case we cannot meet you because of illness I feel very anxious. But I believe that you are fine and pry to God day and night. Please come back after 3 years. That is the only happy thought and we wait. I would like to say as a mother that we appreciate very much you letting Matsuyo to visit home when she is so busy taking care of the household. We are very thankful and tearful. She had so much luggage that we were worried that the examination would go safely and with out trouble. Please take care of your health Best regards to all. From Matsumura Sho Taro (Hakutaro)
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