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Documents: Travel - Archives

3 Travel Documents from China to U.S.A. A: H: 5.5", W: 3.875", People's Republic of China travel Permit, # 1006 on the lower front cover. The permit is issued to "Yook Quoon Mar", born Sept. 19, 1921 in Guangdong. Her photograph and an embossed stamp appear on p. 1 of the permit booklet. P. 3 has a red circular stamp and a blue stamp fo the Consulate General of the P.R.C. in San Francisco. P. 5 has a series of stamps and is dated March 16, 1981. The booklet is printed on pape with a thin lined orange pattern. (image is similar to that found in 1995.9.18 a-b). B: H: 7.5", W: 5", Passenger's Health Declaration printed in black text on white paper. The text is printed in both Chinese and English. Various information including name, sex, nationality, occupation, place of departure and destination of journey have been filled in with Chinese text written in blue ink. The Date of Birth "Sept. 19, 1921", Date of Entry "1-5-81" and Date of Departure "19-4-81" also have been written in. The paper was once vertically folded in half. C: H: 2", W: 3", Immigration Department of Hong Kong Arrival Card, # 939628 with black text printedon white paper with a pink field at the top. The card also has some black print on the back of the carbon paper. The card is in Chinese and English and has not been filled out. The card has a piece of yellow carbon paper attached to the back. The lower right corner has been purposefully cut off at a diagonal.
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