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Two drafts of a chapter for "Ang Bayani" A: 9 white pages, typed and clipped together. ( Metal clip removed) this is entitled Chapter 1 and is crossed out in pen and labeled "Introduction." The third page is is titled "Chapter One" and from there the pages are numbered 1 - 7. There are various corrections in blue ink. B: 8 white pages, typed and clipped together. (metal clip removed) At the top of the page is " ANG BAYANI" and then "Chapter 1 Historical Background." "Historical Background" is crossed out with blue pen. A note clipped to the pages says: Retyped 7 -31 - 60." There are various pen corrections throughout the manuscript. C: Single typed white page entitled: SCENE: AT THE OVAL OFFICE; DONTOWNER (sic) (TQPE RECORDED) (sic).
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