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Documents - Archives

Collection of documents relating the the Goon Dip Company collected by Mr & Mrs. Luther Weedin, Commissioner of the Chinese Immigration Office. A: Newspaper article "Goon Dip Chinese Consul Dies and all Seattle Mourns passing" Seattle Times, September 13, 1933 B: Christmas Card and envelope to Mr & Mrs. Luther Weedin, from Frank Han Kee". C: Thank you note and envelope thanking Commissioner Weedin for a letter and sent with the book, "A Collection of Pearls" D: Greetings Card, 5.5 x 4", folded tan paper with scrollmaker image from Admiral Oriental Line, General Passenger Agent, 1925 - 26. E: Book, "A Collection of Pearls" 1919, excerpts form Lao tzu. F: Book, "Chinese Jade: Why Called Lucky Stone", 1922. G: 3 - Christmas Gift Cards, from Chin Tan, Eng Hing, Gee Jung Co. H: 8-Business Cards, "Mr. David Young" (Goon Dips Secretary), "Goon Dip, Chinese Consul", "Lun P. Woo" (Dan woo's brother), "Hehm K. Chin", (father of Robert Chin), "Lew G. Kay" (Manager Goon Dip Co.), "Mr. Ly Hoi Sang", "Quong Tuck co." , "Chishau S. Lee" (Canton Christian College), I: Blue cardboard box, " Long Sang Ti, Chinese Curio Importers"
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