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50th Anniversary book of St. Peter's Episcopal Church and related news articles A: The book has a heavy cardstock cover, the top third is red and then a white band and then black. Across the red in white letters is: "50th Anniversary 1908 - 1958 SEATTLE, WASHINGTON". On the white band in red lettering is: "ST. PETER'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH". To the left of this is a gold cross with two gold keys across it. Rays of gold emanate from it and out across the black on the bottom half of the book. Inside are black and white photos of the church members and functions including a photo of the congregation at the Minidoka Relocation camp. On the back of the book is the title in Japanese. The cover of the book is worn, and the ink has worn off in places. B: Newspaper Article, H: 15", W: 3.75", headline is: "Mission's Golden Year Recalls Canon Shoji's Long Service". A black and white photo of H.H. Gowen and Canon Gennosuke Shoji in 1958. The article relates the history of the church and was written by Lane Smith. C: Newspaper Article, H: 10.875", W: 7.25", Photo of Revered Lincoln P. Eng, Janice Shoji, Reverend Michael Yashiro of Kobe, Japan, Reverend Gennosuke Shoji and Reverend Stephen Bayne. D: Newspaper Article, H: 6", W: 3.75", Photo of Rev. Lincoln Eng, Michael Yashiro, Anglican bishop of Japan, and Reverend Canon Shoji. E: Newspaper Article, H: 5.25", W: 12.875", Japanese language article dated May 15, 1961, folded widthwise, no printing on back, found inside Anniversary book. F: Mimeograph copy of newsletter H: 8.5", W: 14", Japanese language, dated May 14, 1961
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