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Letter - Archives

4 - letters to Mr. Eng Shi-he from Eng Shi-run (?) 1911 Three envelopes with the stamp of the Zee Tai Co. in Port Townsend. A: Shi-he my brother, as seeing you. Greetings to who opens the letter! On the twelfth of the third month I received my brother's money which was mailed by Li Tai-bo. As usual, it was recorded in Li Tai-bo's newly recruited Seattle labor payments. From the last ship, I received Yao-yun brother's letter saying Jin-long has grown up, and will get married. He asked that brother's who went abroad to support and make this wonderful thing happen. My brother can send some money over, help to gather enough funds. In the area of Wu-Shiping one stone bridge has collapsed on the 25th of last month. Two persons died. Before long bandits atacked the east gate. My friend a temple guardian was strangled to death. The temple master was so afraid that it might be acquaintence. The rest is as usual. I met with Tai-bo recently, we had a conversation about your current job is not enough to revive your family. Why don't you come back soon and seek better jobs? This is my instruction. On the 20th day of the second month the year of geng-xu (1910) Elder brother Shi-run wrote and sent. B: Shi he my brother as seeing you. Greetings to who opens the letter. I sent you two letters earlier mentioning that the money li Tai lent to you had entered the records as usual. I also mentioned that Jin-long has grown up and will get married, hope my brother can help somehow. I suppose you must have received my messages? I would like to take this chance to inform you of some news. I received a letter from Yao-yun recently, he is repairing pottery kiln. He also mentioned that he is running a rice shop business with Mr. Wan... In Hong Kong. He sent messages that he is waiting for our brother's to join them and share the benefit .... Once I receive a letter for you I will inform you immediatley. I wonder if you have received the previous letters or not? If you did not briefly respond to me as well. This is what I would take the chance to instruct you. Wish you great peace. in the 3rd month of geng xu (1910) Edler Brother Shi run sent. C: For Shi he my brother to learn of, Greetings to who opens the letter. I received your letter of July 13th. I have learned the various things described in your letter. Yao-yun brother and others have established the rice shop. In my last letter to Hong Kong I asked Yao-yun to set up an account under your name... I have received a letter from Yao-yun brother reporting that it has been set up and there is a written record for you to keep. I have included records of your rice shop shares they have received so far, and reports of extra money... The money of your shares with Zee Tai An has been collected and transfered to the Zee Tai Wing in Hong Kong. Hope you do not worry too much. Shi guan, Shi-di, Shi hui and others have arrived at .... They reported to us that they landed safley and are in peace. This is what I wanted to take this chance to inform you. The 21st day of the 6th month of the year geng xu (1910) Elder brother Shi run wrote and sent. Moreover there is a great drought this year in Tang shan. The price of rice is much higher now. D: Shi he my brother as seeing you. greetings to who opens the letter. Now the cargo boat has arrived. The Queen is scheduled to sail in the near future. Hope you can send the money for exporting food supplies over.... Send a letter with the payment to catch the ship immediatley. As for the matter of Jin-long's getting married I also sent letters to Shi-zaoa nd Shi bo. Hope you can manage somehow to help. I will also discuss with those two and asl them to help somehow, so we can settle this thing soon. I wish you wealthy peace herein. 10th Month Gengxu (1910) Elder brother Shi run wrote and sent.
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