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A: Two envelopes addressed to Eng Shi he in Port Townsend from Eng Guo qiang. The return stamp is from: Zee Tai Wing in Hong Kong "Father my great man: Kneeling I gratefully report to you missing you from afar. My great man is in sound health having everything going smoothly, and is meeting all sorts of favorable situations. As your son this is something that should be celebrated and praised. However, recently due to various great household expenses, we are not able to meet our needs. This is what grand parents and mother worry about. ( Note: A space is left before the mention of elders to show respect.) If me great man mas money available at hand please send some more for food and expences immediately. We not only have urgent need of money for food and expences but also have problem due to owing a cuople of hundred dollars to other households. The reason for owing other households money is because we were short of money for food. Also I have been going to school for the last two years. And the tuition is no longer the same as it was. If my great man received my words, trust what I said. send off money to support our household and do not dwell with the people of the Si yao ai (?) The I will enjoy the blessing of our household. At this time both young and old in our household are dwelling in peace. Please do not worry this is what I want to deliever to you. Herin, with great reverence I respectfully wish you golden peace. To father , great man, kneeling. On the 20th day of the third month the year Keng xu (1910) Your young child, Guo qiang, kowtow to make this report." B: One letter addresed to Eng Shi-he from his nephew Eng Shang sheng. the stamps on the envelope are from: Zee Tai Wing of Hong Kong and Zee tai & Co. of Port Townsend, WA. "Eldest young uncle, Salute to you. With revernce the one who is making this report is your ignorant nephew. It has been three or four years since we separated from your excellency. Presently Uncle's family and the second young uncle's are both having a lot of financial burdens because of food. The reason why we don't have sufficient food is that our brilliant sister is now grown up and is in need of new things for her age (?). Our brilliant brother is now studying at the town school. His talentsa nd ambitions are outstanding, which truly demonstrate a great pontential. I sincerely hope my uncle in a foreign land will take every caution to preserve precious health. Once you have your gorgeous plans carried out successfully, please take some time to come back with glory and establish an account. Send money home to privide food for family members. Aunt and brother are both dwelling in peace in the residence. My uncle does not need to worry too much. Now your ignorant nephew is also working at the Hong Kong Zee Tai Wing .... I am not able to express all of my emotions. I will wait until next time to report to you the rest. This is the end of my report, and I would like to take this time to wish you Golden peace. Submitted to Shi-he, eldest young uncle, salute to you. On the 16th day of the 2nd month the year of Keng (1910) Your ignorant nephew Shang sheng."
Letters to Eng Shi-he from his son
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