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Chinese letter and envelope. The letter head is of the flags of the Kuo Min Tang. The author of the letter in Chinese leaves a space before addressing his brother to show respect. At the end he says there is no need of a seal to deliever good wishes. "Rujiao my brother, Recently there is no good progress at all, so I am not able to return the favor. Moreover, the prices of various things are highly expensive. ... In this failing situation to work as cheap labor is the only way to survive while there is no food supply. Fortunatley my humble body enjoys sound health. Both elders and childern are healthy too. Please do not worry for us. My only hope is that you will have high spirit while dwelling in a noble place and fortune will come from various sources. Hence you can send money home for the use of food supplies and put other people's gossip to silence to save your reputation. There is no need of a seal to deliever auspices. Your inferior brother, Li Rucheng May 13, the first year of the Republic of China."
Letter to Li Rujiao from Li Rucheng
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