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A: A Chinese letter with two yang red seals. In the letter Rujiao's son Hongyan reports to him that their fourth uncle mistreated them and forced them to move to their old house. Their grandfather, being not fair to them only took care of their fourth uncle's family and never supported them. Hongyan asked Rujiao to send money to them through uncle Ruzhe and the Huayuan store in Xining. B: Chinese Envelope with two round red seals. C: Chinese Letter with two red seals. Hong yan's mother entrusted him to report to his father that their extended family had separated into different households. Their household was in need of financial support because things were more expensive and since their family are rebuilding their ancestral shrine this year, so every household must send money for the use of gold foil papers, etc. Their second uncle sent money to Grand parents often, and Rujiao never did. They urged Rujiao to send money home so their family members would not be starved. D: Letter to Rujiao from his son Li Hongyan. 1910 His son reports that they have received the mone he sent. He also explains why the had to move to their old house according to what had been arranged by his grandfather years before. Since his mother would like to build a new home for their family they hope Rujiao can send money nore frequently.
letter to Li Rujiao from his son Li Hongyan.
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