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Letter - Archives

Envelope and letters A: Envelope: From PAF, Bellingham, Wash., To: Mr Lee You, The Cook House, Port Gamble, Wash., B: Letter to Li Rujiao "Rujiao my brother, I received your letter and have learned the message. As for the business you mentioned I am not able to take any action at this time because I have no funds available. Moreover I am still young and not familiar with the business world. If I have any good opportunity here, I would have been wealthy and would not leave you alone. He Rei is my good friend. Unfortunatley he is a loafer. I am afraid that he will not do well in business. The current situation of this port is not good. It would be three ot four months before the tavern can be reopened. If we can make it there will be some progress in business. I will be leaving soon. You may send letters to Hua Xiang after the fourth. Hope you are well. The first year of the Republic The first of the ninth month."
Envelope and two letters to Li Rijiao from Li Denglin
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