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Letter to Lee Yaw (Li Yao; Li Rujiao) from Li Xian yong A: Envelope: Li Xian yong. Pacific Dry Goods Co., To: Lee Yaw, Cook House, Port Gamble, Wash., B: Letter: On the letterhead is: "Pacific Coast Dry Goods Co., Manufacturers of Ladies Muslin Underwesr, Waists, Kimonos, Matinees, Fancy Silk garments, Hosiery, Notions, Etc. We make a Speciality of the Finest China dn Japan Silks, Grass Linens, pongee silk, etc., 1335 Third Ave. Seattle, Wash. "My brother entrusted me with finding a job opportunity, but no one is hiring a labor now. At this time, Nanking tower is looking for a receptionist. I wonder if you would like this job or not. The wage is forty-six dollars per month plus some miscellaneous benefits. If you like to toke it please come soon. Please respond to me quickly even if you cannot take it. For my brother Li Rujiao, the 16th day of the 8th month, Your ignorant, Liu Xianyong"
Envelope and letter
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