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Letter - Archives

Envelope and letter to Lee Yaw A: Envelope addressed to: Lee Yaw, Cook House, Port Gamble, Wash. Dated August 29, 1912 From: Pacific Coast Dry Goods, 1335 Third Ave., Seattle, Wash., USA. B: Letter: on Pacific Coast Dry Goods letterhead. "In response to your message, I received you letter that mentioned that Li Hongrong got on a ship on the twenty-fifth of the sixth month. However, I have not seen him arrived, and it is already the twenty ninth of the eighth month. If there is a new comer the customs will notify us. Perhaps there is a delay of the departure time. But Li Shengce has arrived at the Customs. Ruzhe should have notified Uncle Xihuai about it, but I am not sure about it. So I will inform Uncle Xihuai immediately that a new comer has arived. He should come to the court immediatley to prevent any further delay. For Li Rujiao, the twenty-ninth of the eighth month, yours ignorant, Li Xianyong"
Letter and envelope.
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