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Envelopes and letters A: Western envelope from: Woy Ying Yuen, 66 Wing Lock St., Hong Kong, China. To: Gom Hong Co., King St., Between 8 & 7th , Seattle, Wash., B: Chinese Envelope From: Li Rudun, to: Li Rujiao C: Letter from Li Rudun to LiRujiao "Since I returned home in September, I have seen our familuy members. Both young and old are fine. However, after we shifted to a new politcal systembandits appear everytwhere robbing people. It is very difficut to travel along water ways. Grains are getting expensive... Now we are very short of money and hav enowhere to borrow it. Hope you can gather two or three hundred dollars for me to meet the very urgent need. Do not give me any excuse. We are brothers. I will not say it unless it is an emergency. If you care about your siblings please do it for me and send it directly to Hong Kong. As for our fifth brother Denglin, please do your best to promote him. Lee York Wong Ying Yuen Co. 66 Wing Lock St. Hong Kong, China for Rujiao my younger brother Your ignorant older brother Rudan wrote and sent the seventeenth of the second month
Envelopes and letters
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