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Letter to Yutang Wu (Eng) A: Western Style envelope to: Goey Cong Yeck , 413 Trent Alley, Spokane Washington, USA. From: Jam Ka Kon Sol, Dragones No. 70 (Bajos) Habana, Cuba B: Letter: August 1928, To: YuTang Wu (Eng) "Yutang my nephew, I am now living on the Island of Cuba. It is very difficult to make a living while we are having a financial depression here. I spent months to seek a position, yet there is no way to find it... I have developed a chronic cough for months and have had to spend all of my money seeking treatments. Wanderding to a foreign land and living with illness, my sufferings are beyond description ... Hope my nephew can lend me a hundred dollars or so for me to seek urgent medical treatments... I will return the money after I recover and attain employment August 16, 1928 Ignorant Juewen Sent from Cuba"
Letter and Envelope from Cuba
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