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Letter - Archives

Letter and envelope and invoices to Shidi Wu (Eng) A: Chinese envelope with red stripe, from: Yaoyun Wu, Yuzhanhao, Hong Kong. To: Shidi Wu B: Invoice: a pieve of paper with written Chinese - "Mr. Shanglian Wu, expense of 25 dollars for treating eyes, treating parasite (gouchong) 10 dollars. C: Invoice: To Shidi Wu (Eng) From: Yaoyun Wu in Hong Kong. List of expenses for about 1,868 dollars. D: Invoice: To: Shidi Wu, from the Gom Hong Co., 1921. List of expenses is 390.70 dollars for things such as pork and transportation. E: Letter to Shidi Wu from Yaoyun Wu in Hong Kong, 1921. To: Shanglian (Shidi)?, "We shipped goods to the United States on October 16. Please notify TongYi Zhan to take care of the goods when they arrive in Seattle. Your overexpense is one thousand five hundred dollars and sixteen cents. Please send the money to meet expenses immediatley."
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