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Envelope of Gom Hong Co. invoices and records. A: Envelope to Gom Hong Co., from: Yee Gan, Hong Kong. B: Consuption Entry Form issued to Gom Hong by BR Anderson, Custom House Brokers, 202 - 4 Colman Building, Seattle, January 20, 1927. C: List of grocery goods - such as sea cucumber, straw mushrooms, bamboo, plum sauce, duck kidney, duck feet. D: List of items imported by the Gom Hong Co. from Kuangxianglong store in Hong Kong. E: Invoice with list of items to Fusheng issued by Guangmei xiang store. F: Invoice to Fushengstore issued by the Cuixiangcheng store, Novemeber 24, 1926. G: Invoice to Fusheng Store issued by the Yuen Hing Loong store in Macau, November 1926. H: Invoice to Fusheng issued by Henglongxingji in November 1926. I: Invoice to Fusheng issued by Guangshengyuan Store in Hong Kong, November 1926. J: Invoice to Fusheng issued by Chengtaichangji in November 1926. K: Invoice to Fusheng issued by Heyihao in November 1926. L: Invoice to Fusheng store issued by Fulongsheng in November 1926. M: Invoice to Fusheng issued by Guangshengchang in November 1926. N: Invoice to Fusheng issued by Julilongji in Hong Kong 1926. O: Invoice to Fusheng issued by Yishenjiangyuan in China 1926.
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