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Letter to Father-in-law of (Shanglian Wu Eng?) " Great Father-in-Law, I report respectfully in front of you: It has been more than one year since I stopped seeing your kindly face. I take delight in knowing that you are blessed with health and peace, encountering auspicious things. I had been dwelling in a rural area doing nothing for years without acquiring any skill. I have planned to go abroad to seek employment since long ago.. Someone suggested that I go to Manila, howeverall the brothers in Manila wrote to stop me, hence I quit in the middle of the process. Last winter, my father happened to return home, I discussed with him about the journey to the United States and proceeded with the plan. Fortunately, things went as I wished. I therefore launced forth on the sixteenth of the 12th month boarding the "Siberia" from Hong Kong. There was no rough seas along the way, we went smoothly and arrived at the great port on the 17th of the 11th month. The identification paper I used was a merchant's identification paper which was signed and approved at the embassy. I entered the por t freely. There was not even a physician there to examine us. The total expense was about two thousand and three hundred Hong Kong dollars. There was no expense other than this. While I was still at home, I had met mother-in-law several times and was often looked after by her, which I deeply appreciate."
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