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Envelope and Two letters to Shanglian Wu (Eng) B: from his son Hongxin. "Shanglian My Father, We received ten US dollars you sent in the twelfth month, and have used it because we have various household expenses and things are highly expensive. My great man wrote to instruct me frequently that I should study at home and not fool around.... However, both I and sister Zhongmei have quite a few educational expenses, hope my great man can send a hundred or so to Shikuan and Zhongmei for our education. Moreover, we need one or two hundred for food supply, and there is no way to borrow money in our village at this time. So please send a hundred or so to Zhingmei immediately. Uncle is now married. The expense of the wedding is about one thousand and seven or eight hundred. We still owe seven or eight hundred. We need to discuss with grandfather to return this money soon. The interest is terribly high now. We must be cautious. The twenty-ninth of the first month, Republic of China, Son, Hongxin." C: From his brother Shangzhuo Eng It has been years since we were parted in Canton. Your son has been studying in Guoyu School for years and has acquired good knowledge of literature. In addition to that, he has graduated from four years of private tutoring. Although he is supposed to go to highschool, due to the vast expense, he remained in our village for two more years. At this time, it is difficult for students in our village to study somewhere else. The cheapest school in Canton costs more than a thousand dollars. Taishan (Toisan) middle school also costs eight hundred dollars or so. Changping seems to be the best choice at this time. It has eight teachers and more than 230 students every year. This school is considered to be the best in east town. However, it does not allow students to absent themselves unless there is an emergency, and tuition needs to paid in advance.... Please send a hundred or so to Zhongmei Co., for Hongxin and Zhongmei's education as soon as you receive the letter. The eighteeth Year of the Republic, The 28th of the first month, Your brother, Shangzhuo Eng"
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