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A-G A: envelope stamped Sep. 18 1929 to: Lun Suery 709 King St. Seattle right side 2 chinese symbols from: U.S. Dept. of Labor opened on right side B:business card L2" W3" front:Blanc's Cafe lower right-green frog "Where epicureans meet" 308 marion St. back: red ink- "a business built on distinctions" C: paper L6.5" W3.5" black ribbon edging, black chinese writing also in pencil D:INcome Tax Reciept \L8" W10" front: green paper "sheet B" serial #31082 Back: notice of termination of taxable period instructions E:2 identical photos L3" W2.5" black and white, man in suit and tie F:square cardboard business L2" W3.5" side one:Mr. Smith 1705 Belmot chalburn Apt. side two: Smith 4th and University c/o American mail-seattle G:paper reciept L2" W3.5" yellow with black ink U.S. Dept. of labor Immigration Service no. 95411
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