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cream colored paper written all in pencil written in Chinese A: writing front and back, both are poems A.1: The title of the poem is Mu Lan joins the military Shocking war fire, responding to the call for the soldiers, why a woman wants to go to a war?At home are white hair parents , the young beauty has to be thousands of miles away, she forgot her soft hands, ambition accompanying the thought of filiat, a very special woman through the ages, today her name is on the history . A. 2:this is a poem called : feeling for the season one of two , This is a poem describing the geeses flying in the sky at sun set,sad people are all over the places , specially when all the maple leaves of wu river are all fallen , feel sad of the disaster year after year. two of two, skocking that the Japanese are occupying Shan Young, I am sad to hear that the city is covered with war fire, Zu Shang repeatedly hitting the oar in the river, will not return home if mid plain is not recovered B: writing in chinese front and single english word on back "Investigator"
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