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notebook paper with blue lines and three holes on the side A: one side chinese in pencil and black ink other side cutouts and pasted on colored circular items two latitued and longitude two pie charts two possible North and South poles translations of the Chinese: From right to left There are three paragraphs of writings, each paregraph represents one form of letter writing, in the first paragraph, the writer writes about how much he (she) missed his(her) friend since their separaion, his (her) life is as usual ,there is not much to mention , but feels comforted by his (her)own good health .Remembering the good time of the past just like yesterday, the writer writes about his sad feeling regarding the separation. The second paragraph of writing is a sample writing to an older person or a person with higher position: the paragraph expressed the feeling of missing someone of great honor after the separation also wishing the person good health.Receiving letter and guidance of a person of great honor, even the separation is so far apart, you feel like you are with the person. The third paragraph is a format of writing to a person with equal position, this paragraph expressed the feeling of admiration and the feeling of happiness about the person's success. The last line written in pencil explained that last letter was written in a rush and the writer was not able to write all the thoughts on his (her) mind that is why he is writing another letter . B: two very large circular colored cutouts of the earth
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